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Promising Trap Artist TBF Distro Performs A Blissful Harmonic Execution In His Newest Single ‘309 Maple St.’

Eminent trap musician TBF Distro creates a soundtrack ‘309 Maple St.’ which is opulent with instrumental tonal majesty and resonating melodic cadence.

Myrtle Beach, May 12, 2020 (  - Indulging in the creative imagination of numerous talented musicians, the genre of trap has become immensely opulent with substantial elemental grandeur. Rejecting to be bound by conventional norms, the brave and young artist TBF Distro follows his heart in creating a unique tonality through his newest single 309 Maple St., inducing his genuine love and passion for the craft. The song features a masterful arrangement of syncopated chords that effortlessly forms a steady and boisterous melodic cadence exuding vibrant energy. The killer hooks of the song incorporated with inimitable pounding beats set the mood for the witty and fun lyrical treatment. Successfully establishing his distinctive presence in the industry with his original and fresh artistic imaginations, he was the finalist for the Sound Engineer of the Year in International Singers and Songwriter Association Awards. He exhibits his poetic mastery into crafting coherent and potent rhymes that are encapsulated by the versatile melodic cadence establishing a symphony of brilliant acoustic pleasure. Hailing from South Carolina, this gifted musician has single headedly produced the beats, engineered the mix, and also performed in his latest single ‘309 Maple St.’ creating a perfect balance between the therapeutic harmonic beats and the smooth rhyming flow exuding a distinctive charm. Revealing his mastery over the incredible verse throw, TBF Distro executes an extraordinary rap flow with the backing up of his robust vocal agility. Establishing his very own Trapitalist Brand, he has been producing brilliant soundtracks like ‘Church Clothes’, ‘Cold One’, ‘Mr. Money Don’t Stop’, and ‘Luxe’ for years. Follow him on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and watch out for his next album K.O.M.B. TBF Distro's '309 Maple St.' popular on Spotify:

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