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Poppa Perky turnt it up on this one...

TBF Distro has Put Out a Phenomenal Show With his Latest Enrapturing Trap Number ‘Poppa Perky’

TBF Distro has shown his immense class in musicality with the fascinating trap track ‘Poppa Perky’. It is an exquisite display of class by the multifaceted person.

  • TBF Distro Myrtle Beach, Jun 30, 2020 (  - An irrepressible musical journey is on the cards when it is executed by the astounding artist and music producer TBF Distro. He has come up with the remarkable track ‘Poppa Perky’ in the trap genre. Apart from performing, the beats are also produced by him. He is also an engineer who has done the mix. He is also the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘Trapitalist Brand’ that has up to the minute facilities. To check out his exotic updates, one can plug into his Facebook and Instagram handle. In the track Poppa Perky’ by the gifted TBF Distro, there is an uplifting melody with immersive vibes. The track is a school project that has originated from a Maple St. house party. The professionally educated person is also a fashion designer and is the founder of the clothing line ‘Trapitalist Brand Clothing’. The artist who is based out of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is inspired by iconic legends like Renni Rucci, Blacc Zacc, Stunna 4 Vegas, Notorious BIG, Jay Z, and Da Baby. One can engage in a friendly gabfest with the singer by plugging on to his Twitter handle.  The artist has laid out brilliant funk and beats in the entrancing track. He is slated to come up with his latest venture and the title of the album is K.O.M.B. The single that is all set to release has got the same name from the same album. To listen to his splendid numbers, one can log on to popular music streaming apps like Spotify.  Just go for this track 'Poppa Perky' by TBF Distro :

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