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TBF Distro Bio

Rob “TBF Distro” Oyer was born in 1980 in South Carolina. Growing up in Myrtle Beach right along with Hip Hop helped influence the entire path of his life. The vocabulatic style of New York rappers really caught his attention at a young age as a person whose talents lie in the writing & literature world. Early influences included the Sugar Hill Gang, Rakim, Kwame the Polka Dot King, Salt N Peppa, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Around 1989 Vanilla Ice the first commercial white rapper came out. It was then Distro really knew he wanted to rap. Around these same years Michael Jordan rose to fame and basketball became Distros favorite sport next to football. Basketball and Hip Hop have always gone hand and hand, and mostly enjoyed in those days, by People of the Culture and not so much other white people.

That would influence my circle of friends and I was kind of different from most of the other white kids who liked baseball and rock. Distro’s path through life was very different based on this fact and he was looked down on by other white people.

Instead of being hurt by this he just accepted who he was and owned it. Being the only white rapper around made him have to practice harder and longer than others. At 11 he recorded his first track via an instrumental and old school cassette recorder. By 13, he was battle rapping and freestyling in cyphers. At the age of 17 he went to prison and was incarcerated 4 years.

While in there for those 4 years he was battling everyday writing songs and reading books. He read three different versions of the dictionary and a whole set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s along with every book about music theory, record labels, engineering, producing, songwriting, and just any non-fiction book related to ELA, music, and history. He also read a lot about Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Fredrick Douglas, and various other, civil rights activist. Coming up in the racist Bible Belt state of SC, he experienced racism first-hand committed upon his friends as well as himself. He felt like Hip Hop could help unify the races if it could just become the popular genre like Country and Rock. He would listen to country, rock, and Hip Hop to figure out smooth ways to blend the sounds in order to inspire unity.

In those days, Rap was considered to be a fad, but Distro would always say “One day you will not be able to operate without it” Todays industry relies on Hip Hop/Rap in marketing of various products, many of which are not even music related. Since that was what he felt was in the future he started focusing on the path he needed to take to be helpful in that movement.

That is how he ended up in prison. Hip Hop/Rap and crime were heavily related in the fact that poverty was a plague amongst the Black communities based on the Reagan Admins introduction of crack cocaine to decimate the inner-city populations. Crack ravaged the Culture with addiction leading to mass incarceration of the Black Community and he grew up right in the mix trapping and robbing like his peers.

After prison, he got married, had kids and pursued his dream after honing his skills in the jungle. He would go into higher education in different subjects related to music and the industry. With what he learned he was able to start off in home studios recording and engineering himself. For years he would continue learning to then add production/ beat composition, and engineering to his skillset. He would go on to get an Associates Degree in Music Production and Recording from LA Film School and will also pursue a bachelor’s degree in film, starting 2021 in order to get into the video part of the music world.

Complete with his own clothing line and his LLC registered, Trapitalist Brand Family business which is an umbrella company that includes TBF Studio’s (music and photography), TBF Marketing (promo/marketing), TBF Dzynz (graphics and video) and, TBF Clothing which is a regular clothing custom designed by Distro himself as well as fan merch. His work can be found on all major platforms. After releasing professionally in, August of 2019, he would go onto to garner over a million streams and half a million listeners in less than a year with no major backing. He has teenage kids who will follow into his footsteps and take over the family business, with his daughter and artist protégé’ TBF Lay Lay, already dropping her first track available on

A simple Google search of TBF Distro will connect you to any of his numerous social media accounts along with various articles and blogs that have been written about him by several publications.

IG,FB,Twitter,TikTok: @TBFDistro

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