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Trap Thanos does it again..

TBF Distro Tastes Success Through His Love For The Marvel Universe In The Track ‘Thanos’

The supremely talented TBF Distro has spreads his musical charm over the listeners through the latest track ‘Thanos’. He has portrayed his love for Marvel Universe.

< > Myrtle Beach, Jul 13, 2020 (  - The Trap artist TBF Distro known as Trap Thanos has gifted the fans many engaging tracks, such as ‘309 Maple St.’, ‘Poppa Perky’, ‘From Myrtle With Love’, ‘Luxe’, ‘Kastle Rok’, etc. His love and passion for music-making have been beneficial for many hardcore fans. And, his latest release, titled Thanos’ is just the epitome of his artistic abilities. The producer, engineer, artist, CEO of Trapitalist Brand has charged up the atmosphere through the fascinating sound design and enthralling bars of this track, which has left the audience spellbound. Made out of pure love for The Marvel Universe and the antagonist Thanos, this track has a cinematic ambiance that can fit as the perfect background score. The uniqueness present in its design is due to the twists and turns presented through the arrangement that has made the entire premise much more exciting. Through the track ‘Thanos’, the ultimate potential of the artist can be felt. The verses are filled with passion that kept the things interesting and caught the attention of the audience and kept them hooked. The strangely satisfying sound design has added spark to the dynamic presentation of this track. The musical pattern of this track is different compared to any other releases of TBF Distro. This track has ultimately turned out to be the highlight of his music profile. All of his tracks are musically magnificent and engaging to the core. His tracks are currently streaming on the platform of Spotify. Follow him on his official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know about his upcoming album ‘K.O.M.B. Listen to the track ‘Thanos’ on Spotify:

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